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Commercial Fueling Services

Having cost-efficient practices is essential to running a successful business. If your company has a fleet of employee vehicles or delivery trucks, Hays Oil Company is here to make refueling secure and hassle-free. Whether you operate a small business or large company, we have you covered.

Based in Medford, OR, we provide comprehensive fleet fueling solutions that are designed to lower operational costs. Our services help ensure that your vehicles are being fueled in a highly controlled and organized manner. This affects your company positively because it reduces the labor costs associated with fueling.

Employees who spend less time fueling typically return to work sooner, helping increase your organization’s productivity. Our automated fueling system reduces slippages, such as fuel theft and unauthorized, non-fuel purchases.

Request Aggregate Fuel Cost

Our high-speed and high-control commercial fueling services can lower your aggregate fuel costs.
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Hays Oil Cardlock Locations

Why apply for a fuel cardlock?

Did you know that fuel is the second highest recurring cost for a fleet next to labor? Also, implementing the wrong fuel management program can increase your costs by as much as 30 cents per gallon.

There are many factors that contribute to an increase in aggregate costs. These include:

  • Additional labor expenses due to inconvenient fueling locations
  • Unauthorized purchases, such as beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets
  • Lack of control in purchasing high-grade fuel